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Sound and Breath: The Sacred Medicine of Kirsten Kairos

by Maggie Rosek


Over the last year, I have had the profound pleasure of attending three different offerings of Kirsten Kairos’ (of The Spirited Mane) Candlelight Sound Sanctuary.

The first time I met Kirsten, I walked into a room with an altar of various musical instruments. I immediately felt moved; Before Kirsten even spoke, I was learning from her.

I have loved music for as long as I can remember. When I was a little girl, I would sprawl out on the living room floor, hugging the speaker box, feeling its vibrations throughout my whole body, singing loudly into the speaker and noting how my voice blended and faded into the sound of a full band. At my first Candlelight Sound Sanctuary, I was reminded of those earlier days. It was then that I realized sound has always been my greatest healer.

Kirsten’s soul-moving Candlelight Sound Sanctuary is Sound Medicine for one and all. Her instrumentation and vocals are sacred tools she uses to facilitate healing of the mind, body and soul. I imagine Kirsten’s lighthearted, sacred offerings of Sound Medicine have touched the lives of many, as she is currently traveling throughout the United States, weaving her sonic tapestry through bustling cities, quiet countryside, mountains and valleys. The Candlelight Sound Sanctuary in itself is a journey, one you won’t want to miss next time she rolls into town.

Kirsten will be back in Minneapolis for a series of classes at Adagio this fall, including Candlelight Sound Sanctuary, Intro to Sound Medicine: Nourishing Self Through Sound, and Intro to Holotropic Breathwork: An Experiential Evening. Read on to learn more about Kirsten and her extraordinary classes and events.

Classes and Events with Kirsten Kairos


Candlelight Sound Sanctuary

Spring 2019 event date to be determined

Join us for a personal journey of sound medicine.This invitation to drop out of thinking mind and float into the feeling state of an internal subtle body experience often creates an inner sense of space and peace.

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