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 H.A.R.T. Method:Holistic Abdominal Relief Therapy




Flower Essence Therapy Training Course with Loey Colebeck

  • Fall 2017-Spring 2018 – first day of class: September 24
  • Classes held at Adagio Holistic Therapies, LLC

Enhance your life and the life of your practice!

This course provides a solid base of up-to-date training in the use of flower essences for home or clinic. Flower Essence Therapy (FET) is a highly advanced and scientifically proven, yet extremely simple and safe therapy, but with few clinically sound training opportunities in the United States. This course provides a foundation for future Flower Essence Therapists, an invaluable tool for integrative clinical practices, and an opportunity for self discovery.

Flower essences-unlike essential oils or aromatherapy-are odorless water-based remedies containing specific plants’ life force (Qi), similar to homeopathy. Developed by British physician Dr. Edward Bach, they catalyze innate healing processes to safely balance the mind, emotions, and body without harmful side-effects. Compatible with any other health-related field from psychiatry to dermatology, they also promote mindfulness, systemic healing, and deep personal growth.

We will cover a broad spectrum of FET in this course. We will look at crosssectional views of FET including Dr. Bach’s life and work, botanical gestures, Transpersonal Patterns for topical applications and scientific studies, psychological portraits and companion essences, Chinese Medicine aspects, and more. We will fully cover all the Bach Remedies, as well as some FES and Bush Australia Remedies. Much of the contemporary information that we will cover has not yet been translated to English, so this course is a unique learning opportunity. A certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of the course

Registration for Flower Essence Training Course


Fertility Yoga 8 Week Series

  • with Jennifer Colletti / Jen Yoga
  • September 26-November 21 (No class October 31)
  • 6pm-9pm Tuesdays
  • $425
In this workshop, you’ll find support, education, inspiration and peace with your journey of building a family. Whether you are in the midst of fertility treatments, or just starting to walk a path of seeking pregnancy, these eight weeks will be an amazing place for you to optimize your reproductive health, while nurturing your mind, body and spirit.
In each session, we’ll practice yoga, have a featured educational segment (nutrition, coping, non-toxic living, art, Ayurvedics, holistic therapies and more), meditation, guided journal writing and conversation. We’ll explore holistic therapies, learn how food can effect our fertility, find ways of coping with stress, and build relationships. This workshop is life changing and transformational!
You will experience amazing benefits like: optimizing your fertile health, gaining a supportive community, learning radical self care techniques, breaking the stress cycles that stifle your fertility, how to use yoga & nutrition to heal your body, techniques and an understanding of holistic therapies that will assist in a healing lifestyle.
All individuals seeking pregnancy are welcome to this workshop. Yoga experience is not necessary to attend, beginners are encouraged, and all levels are welcome!

Registration for Fertility 8 Week Yoga Series


Candlelight Sound Sanctuary

  • with Kirsten Kairos / The Spirited Mane
  • November 3, from 7pm-9pm
  • $36 (space is limited)

Join us for a meditative and transformative experience—inviting deep listening in a relaxed state supported by a spacious sonic tapestry.

Kirsten Kairos – The Spirited Mane -is a sound medicine guide, Grof-certified facilitator of Holotropic Breathwork, and Kundalini Teacher who continually enriches her life through the use of sound, body and breath practices. She is completing a two-year program in Equine Gestalt Coaching, partnering with horses to further hold space for the healing and transformation of others. In June 2017, Kirsten left city left behind and having hitched her cargo trailer to the back of her jeep is currently on a “driveabout” meeting new people across the U.S.– offering events and workshops and having meaningful conversations

The Spirited Mane – The wilderness medicine of Equus, sound, body & breath.

Registration for Candlelight Sound Sanctuary


Practitioner Level II – H.A.R.T. Method

  • with Kimberly S. Hart / The H.A.R.T. Method
  • November 27-December 2, from 9am-5:30pm each day
  • $1500.00

Here we move into learning the skill of treating others> our focus is with helping our clients address the physical, emotional and spiritual issues of their bodies.  This may manifest in symptoms we recognize as: fertility, digestive, urinary challenges, back pain and much more.

Registration for Practitioner Level II – H.A.R.T. Method

Cupping Level I – H.A.R.T. Method

  • with Kimberly S. Hart / The H.A.R.T. Method
  • Next Dates TBA
  • $390

In this first level, we will be exploring differences and similarities of Asian, Ancient European, and Central American styles of cupping, which can be used separately or combined for a very elegant treatment. We will be practicing on each other, and will be able to use these techniques immediately. We will also learn the art and science of gua sha, (or scraping) and, time permitting, begin Moxa as well. Theory and research of the efficacy and effects of cupping will also be explored. Please be prepared to have a person ready to practice on the evening after the first full day of class, so you are ready for the next steps in class the following day.


Foundations Level I – H.A.R.T. Method

  • with Kimberly S. Hart / The H.A.R.T. Method
  • Next dates TBA
  • $360

In this course you will learn the basic anatomy and skills needed to work with your health on a daily basis. We learn together the beginnings of active and sacred listening, the dynamics of our insides and how they affect us every moment. We learn ways to take care of our breasts, our pelvis, our ovaries, uterus, prostate, pelvic floor, liver,  sacred energy centers and so much more.