At Adagio, We Can Enhance Your Life in a Variety of Ways

  • Recharge your tired body, Rejuvenate your mind, and Rekindle your spirit
  • Provide relief for menstrual, prostate and digestion issues
  • Naturally enhance fertility; women and men
  • Aid in relief of bladder and urinary issues
  • Provide pregnancy support and pain relief, both pre and post natal
  • Prepare your body for an easy, healthy birth
  • Reduce everyday stress and anxiety
  • Help you breathe more easily and fully
  • Alleviate headache pain
  • Provide relief from repetitive stress injuries and tendonitis
  • Speed your recovery from injuries of all types
  • Assist in the removal of toxins from your body
  • Improve body metabolism and activate your immune system
  • Achieve your highest potential

We offer a variety of treatments. When you meet with your therapist you tailor your treatment to fit your unique goals.

  • Maya Abdominal Therapy

    is a non-invasive traditional treatment of the abdomen used in many cultures which aids digestion, deeper and fuller breathing, fertility enhancement, menstrual, bladder, prostate and other abdominal issues. [ Read More …]
  • Acupuncture

    is an ancient practice that balances the body's systems by stimulating meridians. [ Read More …]
  • Herbs, Flower Essences, Gem Elixirs

    our bodies recognize natural, whole plants very readily and quickly for medicines as well as foods. We offer these wild-crafted herbs as a deep healing tool for many situations and issues. [ Read More …]
  • Flower Essence Therapy (with Loey Colebeck)

    can treat conditions such as migraines, eczema, allergies, menstrual complaints, and emotional conditions, such as grief, anxiety and stress. [ Read More …]
  • Shiatsu Therapy

    Shiatsu is a full body treatment, and is essentially a massage of the meridians and acupoints plus the “branch”, or areas where you are experiencing muscular tension and pain. The techniques applied help move the “Qi”, or energy, and include a variety of pressure, rotation, kneading, stretching and exercising (of limbs and joints). The work is often gentle and deep and can be both stimulation and relaxing, depending on the treatment given. [ Read More …]
  • Prenatal and Postpartum Pregnancy Support and Pain Relief

    supports the female body during and after pregnancy, helps alleviate pain, discomfort and can aid in a more healthful, easy birth for mother and child. [ Read More …]
  • Chinese Medicine-based Flower Essence Therapy

    Pablo Noriega says in Bach Flower Essences and Chinese Medicine, that flower essences help to regulate spirit, and not doing so can lay many treatments out cold. Loey Colebeck translated his book to English and uses this view and approach in highly personalized treatments to unwind presenting disorders and help to establish physical and emotional equilibrium. [ Read More …]
  • Constellation Work

    Trauma Constellations were born out of Family Constellations, and deal with entanglement in ancestral trauma, which is often unconscious and which keeps us in patterns of illness be it physical, mental, emotional, relational, etc. During a session, we gain access to the possibility of clearing blockages and recovering the dissociated parts of ourselves, thus gaining wholeness and autonomy. It is a client-lead process and is kept within parameters safely defined by the client's intention. [ Read More …]
  • CranioSacral Therapy

    an energy-based technique, this is a gentle, soothing therapy that enhances the natural healing process of the entire body and mind. [ Read More …]
  • Hypnotherapy

    help yourself through guided meditation and personal hypnotherapy treatments to remove blocks in your subconscious which may have inhibited personal achievements, even achieving conception and full-term pregnancy. [ Read More …]
  • Spiritual Healing - Curandismo

    is a universal method of healing that can help treat grief, anger, envy, sadness and PTSD. [ Read More …]
  • Cupping (ventosas), and Gua Sha

    is an ancient art that helps to treat the uterus, urinary and digestive issues, musculoskeletal issues and injuries, or to alleviate pain. [ Read More …]
  • V-Steam

    is an ancient treatment that can help treat infertility, digestive issues, regulates menstrual issues, and can relieve back pain. [ Read More …]
  • Ionic Footbath

    can re-energize the body, organs and red blood cells. [ Read More …]
  • Nutritional and Lifestyle Coaching

    Enhance your health by revisiting some natural basics; give your body the building blocks it needs for you to live your life fully. [ Read More …]