Julie Colby

MSOM, L. Ac., Integrative Medicine Provider, Birth Doula, Childbirth Collective Outreach Coordinator

Julie Colby practices Traditional Chinese Medicine and went to school in Roseville at AAAOM. She received her BA at Smith College, in Women’s Studies. Her private practice has mostly been focused on obstretrics (fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum) however she loves seeing anyone, anywhere along their healing path. She also pursued midwifery for awhile and apprenticed with a local midwifery team here in town called Trillium. She has been a doula for many years, however she doesn’t take too many doula clients these days.

Julie is trained in the H.A.R.T. Method and loves offering this amazing medicine to those who seek it out.  She is also a Holistic Pelvic Care Practitioner (a combination of physical and energetic techniques to address the musculature and health of the pelvic bowl) and loves offering this service to women. She had the pleasure of teaching classes in TCM and other holistic health related classes for several years at MCTC. She is currently part of the Penny George Health and Healing team and sees patients at the Mother Baby Center at United Hospital who are either on bed-rest, birthing, or in the postpartum phase.

On a more personal note, she doesn’t think she has ever been more comfortable in her skin. No, everything isn’t 100% hunky dory 24/7, however she feels blessed in most aspects of her life. She is taking a metalsmithing class this fall which is something she’s always wanted to do. She has learned that when she is not creative, she starts to wither. She also feels this way when she doesn’t spend enough time in wild places. She loves stones, art (making and collecting), live music, spirited food (both cooking it and eating it), water (everything about it), and books. She has come to accept that she becomes more introverted with age and schedule respite so that she can replenish her vessel. Work-life balance is very important to her and sometimes that can be a tricky. Historically, she has taken herself and life way too seriously and is trying to laugh more every day!

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