Loey Colebeck

Loey is a clinical Flower Essence Therapist accredited through SEDIBAC (Catalonia Society for the Study and Diffusion of Dr. Bach’s Therapy). She facilitates mind-body health integration with a Chinese medicine and classical homeopathic approach to flower essences, as well as providing Family Constellations (IoPT) facilitation, Jade Egg therapy and practice, and a humanist approach to the therapeutic relationship. As a Minister of the Homeopathy Congress, she is also a certified Prepare/Enrich® facilitator for couples. Her extensive clinical flower essences training took place in Spain where Bach Flower Therapy flourishes as an advanced clinical practice for both body and mind, as physician Dr. Bach originally intended. Loey provides a truly holistic view in treatment of the body, heart and mind, as well as in-depth Flower Essence Therapy training for practitioners and layfolk. Sessions with Loey are available both in-person and long-distance via Zoom or Skype.

Loey has worked with clients to successfully treat physical conditions, such as migraines, skin conditions, fever illnesses, pre-and post-op preparation and recovery, menstrual complaints, breathing and circulation, among many others. Likewise, emotional, mental and existential states (which affect the body), such as grief and loss, trauma, anxiety, self-esteem, identity, family issues, insomnia and focus; spiritual work such as purpose; and deep issues surrounding sexuality, all of which are supported by her broad training, study and practice.

In treatment sessions, we will approach the mind, heart and physicality as aspects of the whole person, always with respect and at the client’s pace. Loey offers Taoist practices, Gestalt-based psychotherapeutic tools and Identity-oriented Psychotraumatology (IoPT) as bases upon which to support our holistic process. She prepares personalized Flower Essence formulas in oral drops and/or in creams for topical application. She may also make dietary adjustments and suggest movement and meditation exercises and herbal remedies to support our holistic healing work. For information
about “Family Constellations/ IoPT” for perinatal trauma and ancestral healing, see “treatments”. As each individual is unique, so is each healing process. Loey provides customized tools and support.

More about Loey’s story…
A Minnesota native, Loey’s interest in natural medicine began in the early 1990’s when she started making herbal medicines in rural Wisconsin. After graduating with degrees in Spanish, fine art and dance, she studied Herbal Medicine at Pacific School of Herbal Medicine in San Francisco in 1998. There, she began using flower essences.

In 2003, Loey moved to Spain where she spent a decade of deep and intensive growth, healing and discovery both as teacher and student, client and therapist. In 2009, she earned her certificate in Bach Flower Therapy from the Superior Institute of Traditional Medicine (ISMET), in Barcelona. She
continued Flower Essence Therapy (FET) training in Barcelona at various institutes: psychotherapy tools for flower essence therapists with author Carmen Rosety at Anthmon Institute; Chinese Medicine and FET, and Taoist Sexuality and FET with author Pablo Noriega; FET for pathologies in the
female reproductive system with Carme Roig at Aula Bach; and a vast range of other applications for Flower Essence Therapy during weekly seminars held at SEDIBAC. Loey also uses FES, Australian Bush, and handcrafted essences. During the decade she lived in Spain, Loey became certified in
Traditional Japanese Reiki, and provided integrated FET and movement therapy to help women through sexuality issues such as femininity, suspended menstruation, menopause, effects of abuse, low sexual desire, grief and loss, epigenetic trauma and ancestry. She has also worked with men to heal issues surrounding sexuality, relationships, and addiction, and with transgendered people on issues of ancestry, trauma and identity.

In 2013, and 2017 Loey lectured at the fourth and sixth bi-annual SEDIBAC Flower Essence Therapy Congresses in Barcelona. She has spoken and taught at various institutes and schools around the Twin Cities, has published articles in the SEDIBAC quarterly, and translated Pablo Noriega’s
book, Bach Flower Essences and Chinese Medicine, to English (Inner Traditions, 2016). She has continued her studies since moving to Minnesota in 2014, including training in Identity-oriented Psychotraumatology (IoPT) with Jamie Kirdain, and deepening her Jade Egg studies with Kim Sierra

Loey prescribes flower essences based on clinical observation, in accordance with the SEDIBAC code of ethics for accredited professional Flower Essence Therapists.