Melanie Metz

Deep within her soul, Melanie has always been drawn to the human body, spirituality and the healing arts. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science, her path eventually led her to the world of Holistic Healing. She is currently practicing Shiatsu Therapy, Massage Therapy, Cupping and Reiki while finishing her education in other bodywork techniques at CenterPoint Massage & Shiatsu School. Melanie also integrates various forms of spiritual and energy healing into her work, as agreed upon with the client.

Melanie feels passionate about Shiatsu Therapy in particular because of the ties to traditional Chinese Medicine and the intent of the bodywork to treat the energetic root cause of illness or disharmony, thus allowing the body, mind and spirit to come into balance and truly heal.  While the therapeutic effects of Shiatsu are many, she has personally experienced improved digestion, energy, sleep, mood, circulation and immunity, as well as relief of pain and muscle tension, from regular Shiatsu sessions.

Through her own struggles with digestion & heart health and her long, continuous healing journey, Melanie discovered the transformational power of massage, bodywork and proper nutrition, as well as spiritual, emotional and energy healing modalities.  During recent years, she has followed an inner calling to study Traditional Indigenous Healing with Kimberly Hart & Selma Sroka, and Shamanic healing methods with Jorge Villanueva Castillo.  She also had the honor to learn from several other spiritual teachers, including Echo Bodine, Dawn Marian, Jeanne Lecher and Laurie McConnell, as well as the other amazing women that she worked with on the panel of the Sistrum channeling group, offering intuitive readings for the public around the Minneapolis area.

Previous to becoming a massage therapist, Melanie enjoyed working as a chemist, storm chaser, adult foster care provider and photographer.  She is a woman of many interests!

“I am so grateful and excited to be part of the team of practitioners at Adagio Holistic Therapies, where together we create a space and place for balance, healing and growth.”

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