The Jade Egg for Pelvic Floor Health

Qi loss, premature aging, urinary incontinence, and lack of amazing sexual strength and satisfaction for women are endemic. Not knowing any differently, many believe that this is just the way it is. However, we beg to differ.

As you may have read in the description for the Jade Egg class, the Jade Egg is a wonderful, age-old Taoist practice for strengthening the pelvic floor to reduces Qi loss, slow aging, greatly improve sexual pleasure and urinary functioning, and help prevent organ prolapse.

Practicing regularly with the Jade Egg also helps to strengthen circulation in the whole pelvic region, reducing varicose veins of pelvic floor orifices, and, as vaginal weight-lifter Kim Amani has said, improving regular flow of hormones which can improve skin and breast tone. Imagine, she says, getting a face-lift through strengthening your vagina.

Likewise, focused intention on strengthening the pelvic floor also connects us with our psoas muscles which are, according to the Taoists, the “muscle of the soul”. These are the muscles that, when we are in conscious connection in time with our physical core power, move us through space and life from our center rather than our heads. And too much energy in the head leads to a tense neck and strained eyes, for starters.

So building core strength and vaginal strength also help reduce tension in the neck and eyes. By doing exercises with the Jade Egg, we are not only pulling UP the energy and organs, but also creating a more solid base upon which the upper body can maneuver with more ease and grace.

Who knew that the vagina could be so central and truly important to our overall health? (The Taoists did!)

While many of us carry shame and pain surrounding our vaginas and our sexuality, we are also the agents in charge of our own healing. And as we heal ourselves, as we find a completely different truth deep down inside, we become poised to be agents of healing on a broader level but without sacrificing ourselves. Without allowing our sacred spaces to become psychic dumping grounds for ourselves or others.

This practice is appropriate for all women and matured girls. It can be done during pregnancy or with an IUD (check with your midwife or doctor if you have a serious or unusual condition).

If you are unable to attend the class or want to follow up with some more work—whether physical pelvic floor exercises or emotional aspects—you can request an appointment with Loey for a one-on-one Jade Egg consultation and/or sexual healing appointment.

Also, you may discover that you want to work on emotional aspects with flower essences before trying the Jade Egg. Loey worked with women for several years in Spain teaching movement and doing flower essence work for sexual healing. She has been practicing with the Jade Egg for several years. She understands that both tissues and emotions can be delicate, and honors that, so requests for customized consultations are totally welcomed.

Last, but not least, if you really want to treat yourself like the embodied spirit you are, you can take extra special care of your sacred space (your vagina) and book a V-Steam session during the same week as your Jade Egg consultation.

May we all be healed and strong from the inside out!