Nutritional and Lifestyle Coaching

There are so many different ways to eat or not eat: zone diet, Atkins, sugar free, gluten-free, dairy-free whole foods, vegan, vegetarian, the “clean” diet, calorie restriction, yeast free, and the list goes on…. No diet is for every person. Then there are the Detox, Cleansing, liver flush and many other ways to “clean our bodies” to make them stronger….It seems every year there is another way to eat, cleanse or another food to avoid or add in. How do we sort it all out?

At Adagio, we can help you navigate what is best for you. We help you by assessing your constitution, discussing your therapeutic goals, your health history, stress levels and help to identify where there may be a need for supplementation, herbs, a boost in nutrition, or perhaps you are experiencing symptoms of food sensitivity.

Then we will assist in creating an accessible plan with you; with an eye toward achieving your therapeutic goals. If indicated, we can also guide you in other lifestyle choices: exercise, types and how often. We have a large network of colleagues we can refer you to for personal trainers, yoga classes, Pilates, dance as well as dvd recommendations and other “homework” you can do on your own.