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Flowers and herbs hold the reproductive code for an entire new plant to be grown. Thus, carrying the medicinal information of that plant within their beautiful petals. The history of using flowers to heal emotional imbalances extends back thousands of years. Every culture had a version of bathing with plants, usually flowers, for their emotional and spiritual healing, including removing heavy, dark energies.

Kim offers classes on flower essences and herbs in person, virtually, and on demand. Kim maintains the experiential component to the learning even during an on demand and virtual class as it is the best way to take in a teaching. After the Introduction to Flower Essences class, the other on demand class prices includes you receiving samples of each of the flower essences for you to experience along with the recording. A unique and beautiful way to learn and be in relationship with the plants and the world around us.

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In this class Kim answers the questions:
What is a flower essence and how are they made?
Why use a flower essence over any other kind of herbal remedies?

This class is also a prerequisite for any of the following flower essence classes that are available.

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These are some of the best resources that Kim recommends for learning more about flower essences.

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