Afternoon with Rita Navarette – Traditional Healer

Traditional Healer – Rita Navarrete

We are honored to host Traditional Healer Rita Navarrete for an amazing half day event!

Are you ready to be inspired? Energized? Connect with yourself in a deeper, more powerful way? Are you curious about Traditional Medicine ways?

Working in a group with Rita Navarrete is a powerful experience. She brings her charismatic energy into each teaching as she facilitates the weaving together of our life threads to reinforce yourself and build community.

Rita Navarrete is an Otomi practitioner of Traditional Indigenous Medicine ways of Mexico. She is a Temazcalera, Curandera, Herbalist, Massage Therapist, and much, more. She has taught with the University of New Mexico as part of their acclaimed “Traditional Healing Without Borders” course for the past 30 years and has historically held events with the Smithsonian among others. Rita is a dynamic teacher, practitioner, and carrier of Traditional Medicine Ways. Rita’s lives and practices in Mexico City and also with her family community North of Mexico City.

Join us for four magical hours of traditional medicine, be prepared to be inspired!

rita teaching dynamics
rita teaching at adagio 2016
kim and rita

Registration is required and space is limited!
Exchange is $81 per person
Proceeds go to supporting Rita directly