Donyelle Headington

Donyelle comes to her work as she seeks healing for herself and her community. With robust experience in one to one spiritual guidance and ancestor work, she is an accomplished Fire Cupping Practitioner having studied with Kim Hart several years ago and assists in current cupping classes. She is now offering her gifts in Ancestor work and Spiritual guidance within the healing community at Adagio. Individuals that work with Donyelle come away with insights that may have eluded them from solving a problem in their lives.

Most recently she completed a two year apprenticeship to the Volva Stav Guild in 2018. In this time, she studied one branch of the Germanic Wisewoman path. She is now a member of the VSG and practices the “Frigg’s Hand” method of boundary setting, Norse/Germanic based journeywork and healing ritual, and Germanic cultural study focused around undoing and healing whiteness. She also belongs to a Ille and studies under a Lucumi Priest (Babalawo).

All of this training and healing work leads her to practicing as an Ancestor Specialist including intuitive mediumship, dream work and interpretation, journeywork, loving touch, rootwork, sacred listening and listening/healing circle facilitation. Donyelle is also a talented artist and enjoys leading workshops using craft as healing. Check out her website for more information about her art work!


  • Ancestor Readings
  • One on One Spiritual Care
  • Cupping