Ancient Ways

Kimberly S. Hart
NCBTMB, NGH, Minister, Classical Homeopath

Much like her practice, Kim’s offerings for learning are holistic in their approach and content: mind, body, emotion, and spirit. Mandated by her teacher, Rita Naverrete Perez, Kim brings over 30 years of teaching adults and nearly 30 years of holistic health practice and experience, to all participants.
These classes are for anyone who is curious and seeking. Each area of learning complements another. Rooted in Ancient Ways, understandings, and beliefs allows the offering of a comprehensive and robust knowledge base for healing. Each area can also be learned and practiced on its own.
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Holistic Abdominal Relief Therapy (H.A.R.T Method) is a culmination of treatments from ancient methods of the cultures of the Maya, Otomi, Aztec and Mixteca, as well as techniques developed by Kim Hart for treatment of further issues she was asked to find solutions for, by local Minnesota midwives and other healthcare practitioners.

Our cupping classes are rooted in ancient treatments from Central America, Ancient Europe, and Asia. Cupping used to be practiced by someone in every family on the planet. As a result, Kim believes cupping is medicine of the people, and she will teach anyone who wishes to learn to help themselves or their families, as well as practitioners, the powerful methods of Cupping.

Heal the Spirit: This powerful several session course is a class Kim wishes had been offered (and she had been able to take) before beginning her journey in learning with First Nations Elders. In this class you will learn how to interact appropriately with Elders and Wisdom carriers, many methods and tools for clearing energy and emotions, understanding definitions and cultural understandings of emotional and spiritual illness from a Central American lens, supporting yourself, your family and community.

These are just a few highlights of the classes we offer. Whether you are learning to support your own health or learning to help others, you will have many tools added to your healing journey.

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Kim teaches a variety of classes in different formats ranging from travel learning to Belize, in person classes locally, to Flower Essence and herbal classes available via Zoom or on demand. Check out the available class categories:

Heal the Spirit

Holistic Abdominal Relief Therapy


Flower Essences & Herbs

Liberating The Psoas



“I was diagnosed with a rare auto-immune condition nearly three years ago. The doctor(s) I saw told me there was no cure and the best I could hope for was to manage the pain and slow the progression. I went to many different practitioners in my quest to find answers and made big changes to my lifestyle but still no relief. The initial session with Kim was the first time in all of my experience where I received tangible information about what was happening to my body and why.

She set forth a course of action that would heal me physically, mentally and spiritually. Nothing I was asked to do was complicated, expensive or unattainable, just simply investing time to care for myself. Within three months I was free from pain and I was no longer taking any of the powerful steroids. There were other subtle changes in my relationships and the way I viewed myself. I became my own best friend perhaps for the first time.

Now close to six months later, I have zero symptoms from this “incurable” disease. The stress and anxiety that has plagued me most of my life has lessened considerably and I feel empowered to take charge of my own well being. AWESOME!!!!”

– R.K.


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