We carry a variety of items, carefully chosen for your healing, from herbs (dry herbs, and herbal tinctures), to flower essences and custom flower essence blends, and classical homeopathic remedies. We also offer popular items, like our signature cleansing spray, salves, candles, and a selection of oils infused with healing herbs. Some of our items must be ordered ahead of time. We are open by appointment daily, and it’s always best to call or email us for pick-up times!



Our apothecary is stocked with herbal tinctures & dry herbs. We offer Rainforest Remedies tinctures, with herbs from Belize—as well local tinctures with herbs harvested from Minnesota and Wisconsin. If you are not sure where to begin, it is always best to schedule an appointment with an herbalist. Most tinctures are available in 1/2 oz, 1 oz, and 2oz sizes.

Featured Rainforest Remedies Herbs & Tinctures:

Belly Be Good, Blood Tonic, Female Tonic, Gumbo Limbo, Hortense Remedy, Immune Boost, Jackass Bitters, Jungle Bitters, Jungle Juice Tea, Kidney Tonic, Male Tonic, Nerve Tonic, Strong Back, Sweet Blood, Travelers Tonic

Featured Adagio Herbs & Tinctures:

Allergy Formula, Black Walnut, Cold Season, Creeping Charlie, Elderberry, Lemon Balm, Lemon Verbena, Motherwort, Nettles, Nourishing Tonic, Oxalis, Passionflower, Plantain, Rose Hips, Solomon Seal, Swiss Herbs, Wild Yam, Yarrow, Yellow Dock


Flower Essences

Adagio is home to a unique flower essence line, Blue Morpho Flower Essences, made by Kim Hart, with locally grown flowers, and flowers native to Mexico.

Loyola Colebeck offers magistral formulas/custom blends of your choice, up to 5 essences per dosage bottle from Bach, FES and Bush Australia kits; pick-up for custom flower essence formulas must be scheduled with her ahead of time.

Featured Blue Morpho Flower Essences:

5 Flower Rescue Remedy, Hero Child, Joy Remedy, Asparagus, Bleeding Heart, Easter Lily, Grape Hyacinth, Lily of the Valley, Periwinkle, Pink Asian Lily, Pink Yarrow, Red Asian Lily, Red Peony Bud, Red Poppy, Toad Lily, Trillium, Wild Ginger, Yellow Day Lily

We also offer H.A.R.T. Method Flower Essence Kits



We carry many homeopathic remedies; we do suggest that you check on availability ahead of time, so we can make sure we have your remedy on hand!

Featured seasonal homeopathic remedy:

Mozi-Q: an all-natural, homeopathic remedy in the form of a chewable pill that is used to repel blood-sucking and biting insects, including mosquitoes, ticks, deer flies, bedbugs, and lice. It can be used in place of toxic and messy bug sprays. There are no side effects or contraindications. It is even safe for pets! And, since nothing prevents every bite—If you should receive any bites, it helps your body to deal with the aftermath of those bites in a more efficient way.