“Constellations” for Gaining Freedom from Lifelong Patterns and Illness

By Loey Colebeck

In my own healing path, whenever I’ve come up against one of those really tough walls, one of those spots that just won’t budge no matter what I try, I know it’s time to do some Constellation work.

 Family Constellations originated with Bert Hellinger in Germany. The phenomena observed is that unresolved trauma in past generations in the family system (war, unborn children, abuse, young or tragic deaths, suicides…) gets passed down to the future generations. Descendants carry symptoms of their parents’, grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ trauma(s). Science has confirmed this and we now know it as “epigenetic trauma”. Hormone response in trauma situations influences genetic material, deciding which genes will be active when passed down to future generations. This affects our own story in fundamental ways, including our fertility, and our physical, emotional, relational and mental health.

We receive this history upon conception, and we also have our own inter-uterine and early childhood experiences that affect us. Our own imperfect and often traumatized mother unconsciously passes us her unresolved experiences and feelings before we are even born, sometimes preventing healthy bonding. Our fathers, of course, influence us through her before birth, through his epigenetic material, and also directly in early childhood. Even before birth, we have become entangled in others’ trauma and their trauma survival mechanisms, preventing our own autonomy.

 All of this junk is, of course, WAAAAAY too much for our vulnerable little being to deal with, so in order to cope, we split off from those feelings and create survival strategies that develop according to our unique personality. Operating out of survival strategies keeps us in unhealthy patterns. Whatever health or interpersonal challenges we are facing in the present moment may be traced to these foundations, as we’ve observed through the phenomenon of Constellation work.

 The Constellation of the Intention, developed by Franz Ruppert, is an advancement of Family Constellations. Through it, we restore our personal power for facing and moving out of patterns that keep us stuck. Ultimately, we recover the part of our Self that we split off from, regaining our autonomy, wholeness, health. This method can be used in a group setting, or one-on-one with a facilitator.

 The Constellation of the Intention—which is now simply called The Intention Method—is a dimensional and dynamic approach. We will want to wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to stand, sit or lie down throughout the session. Ideally, we will do a series of Constellations (or “intention work”) to gradually and safely access the healing. The method itself can take a little time to become familiar with, and once it becomes familiar, we gain access to great healing.

 We use an intention of yours for each session. The sentence of the intention contains the amount of healing we are capable of handling at a given time, and keeps our work safely within those parameters to do only as much work as we are consciously and unconsciously ready to do. 

“Constellation work is a very intense experience that needs a very special facilitator to help a client work through whatever it is that is blocking them. Loey is that person. She is warm, compassionate, unbiased and makes her clients feel safe. If you have never done constellation work it is an extremely moving experience and I am extremely grateful that I found Loey to help me through my journey. Deep gratitude and thankfulness for having such a gifted practitioner with such depth and experience right here in our very own Minneapolis community. A gem to the alternative health community.   –K.P.”

 Loey has used the Family Constellations method in Spain where it is very widespread, and in individual sessions. She has trained in Constellations of the Intention/ The Intention Method here in Minnesota with Jamie Kirdain, student of both Ruppert and Hellinger. Loey is now offering Constellations/Intention Method in individual sessions at Adagio. She also combines with Flower Essence Therapy for fantastic results. Please contact her for inquiries and appointments: loyola@mindisbodytherapies.com, or info@adagioholistic.com.