Experience the Transformative Healing of the Candlelight Sound Sanctuary

Join us for a very intimate sound medicine ceremony with an invitation to drop out of thinking mind and float into the feeling state of an internal subtle body experience. Entering in silence and lying down on blankets with eyeshades, the community is transported into a spacious meditative state. A transformative offering of crystal and Tibetan bowls, bells, shakers, handpan, native flute, gong and heartful voice carries us into an expanded state of awareness. We will end with plenty of time to silently enjoy tea and journal by candlelight. Please register early. Space is limited, this event usually sells out.

Kirsten Kairos is a sound medicine guide, Grof-certified facilitator of Holotropic Breathwork, and Kundalini Teacher who continually enriches her life through the use of sound, body and breath practices. She is completing a two-year program in Equine Gestalt Coaching, partnering with horses to further hold space for the healing and transformation of others. In June 2017, Kirsten left city left behind and having hitched her cargo trailer to the back of her jeep, is currently on a “driveabout” meeting new people across the US, offering events and workshops and having meaningful conversations.

  • Thursday May 24, 7-9pm at Adagio Holistic Therapies, LLC

  • $45

  • Space is limited