Acupuncture for Injuries

by Jamie Jablonski, L. Ac. Dipl. OM

For minor injuries, meaning “more significant” cuts and bruises, that you feel are considerable but not bad enough to visit the ER, acupuncture and topical preparations will speed healing time greatly and prevent scarring. Here are my favorite remedies for small cuts and scrapes:

  • Acupuncture for the whole body, which addresses the immune system and the body’s healing ability on a deep level

  • The addition of small needles inserted near the injury, not in it, but nearby.

Acupuncture promotes circulation of blood and encourages healthy cell turnover and blood clotting at the wound site to stop bleeding, stop pain and speed healing.

I have two case studies to demonstrate the effectiveness of acupuncture for a new injury:

Patient #1 sustained an injury to her face, on the bridge of the nose and forehead area, when a tool fell on her from above in her garage. Her injury was presenting with slight swelling, a bruise was forming and there was a cut on the skin. She reported that after acupuncture, she was amazed at how quickly the wounded area was beginning heal, and how it was not getting worse. I also applied arnica oil onto the area after the session. Arnica oil is well known for reducing healing time of bruises and can make an impactful difference on how long it takes for a bruise to disappear.

Patient #2 also suffered a facial injury. He walked into a jagged piece of glass while getting something from his basement with the lights out. He presented with a gash above his lip. After a single acupuncture session and a topical preparation, he reported disbelief, also, at how quickly the wound was healing and how the area did not seem to be scarred. The best topical remedy that I have found for healing newly injured skin, which also prevents scarring is a mixture of rosehip oil and helichrysum essential oil. Helichrysum is antibacterial, antifungal and antibiotic to clean the wound. It reduces swelling, inflammation and pain. The synergy of it, with rosehip oil is absolutely unbeatable for healing, regenerating skin and for preventing scars and healing old scars. It takes only a few applications to prevent scarring, for old scars it takes 3 to 6 months of daily use, but it works!

For sprains, twists, and swellings with pain, acupuncture is very effective. After gentle needling of nearby areas and along the channel which underlies the injury, you will notice immediate relief and remarkable healing time. For broken bones, it is also effective to help the area heal properly and more quickly. I have one more case study to demonstrate the effectiveness of acupuncture in these situations.

Patient #3 broke her collarbone after a fall on ice. She broke it near the shoulder and was presenting with a bit of swelling and pain. She visited me twice and reported that the pain was minimal and the healing time was incredibly fast, faster than expected,  after the acupuncture sessions.

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