Healthy Blood

by Jamie Jablonski LAc

Healthy blood is an important factor in good health. In Chinese medicine, the term “blood” means “nourishing substance.” Blood is created by the food we eat and by our digestive process. Acupuncture can help our bodies produce healthy blood, which improves physical, mental and emotional health.

In order to have healthy blood, we need to eat a whole food diet and support our digestive function. There are a few ways to support digestion:

  • exercise

  • acupuncture and herbs

  • supplements

  • cupping

  • massage

  • chiropractic adjustments.

Blood that is thick and stagnant will contribute to health problems; blood that is deficient, as in anemia, will contribute to health problems; poor circulation of blood will contribute to health problems. If there is a blood disorder present, a person can experience symptoms such as painful menstrual cramps, infertility, clotting disorder, abdominal pain, chest pain, headaches, dizziness, low energy, numbness, poor sleep, emotional depression, and mental fogginess.
The food we eat directly affects the blood that is produced for our body. Foods that are particularly nourishing for blood are dark green leafy vegetables, micro-greens- chlorella, spirulina, wheat grass, beets, dark berries, coconut milk and organic meats. Eating these and other whole foods daily and avoiding sugar, processed foods and alcohol will create the most nourishing blood for our bodies to use, which will sustain our mental and physical activities. Good food will contribute to a strong digestive system, which will result in a strong body and mind.
Exercising helps our blood by giving our bodies a major dose of oxygen, which in part, becomes the qi that makes our digestive process happen. We need a strong digestive process in order to breakdown, transform and transport the food we eat into nourishing substance, or blood. If your digestive process is weak, you may notice symptoms such as frequent gas and bloating, heaviness of the limbs, feeling tired all the time, and bouts of diarrhea.


Acupuncture and herbal medicine can help your digestion become stronger so that the food you eat is digested well and so that the blood that is created is exceptionally nourishing. Whether you were born with weak digestion or it declined over time, it can be improved. Poor digestion and assimilation is common, and if you suffer with symptoms of tiredness, dizziness, anemia, or have been diagnosed with a GI disorder, acupuncture can aid in your healing by supporting your body where it is weak, helping you digest better, assimilate better and by tonifying your blood.

We need healthy blood to keep our mental functions working well. We need healthy blood to concentrate and to sleep well at night and to keep a stable mood. Blood carries all the chemicals in our bodies to the right places. If our blood is flowing well, not getting stuck anywhere along the way, and is rich in nourishing substance, we can think more clearly, focus better and we have the physical energy we need to perform daily activities.
Having healthy blood feels good, physically and mentally.

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