The Beginning of the Maya New Age!

By Kimberly S. Hart

The Elders of the Maya have said that the ending of the Maya calendar heralded the beginning of a ‘new age’.  We are now at the very start of what is to come, not only in our time but our children’s, children’s’ times as well.  What we can begin with is our own personal lives.  How and what we choose, according to the Elders, will affect our lives and those who come after us.  This gives us a wonderful opportunity to affect the future and generations to come.

The Maya world story centers around their ‘tree of life’: the Ceiba Tree.  In this story there are nine levels of the “under world” (the roots of the tree) nine levels of the upper world (the tree trunk) and then the 4 levels of the gods (the branches and leaves). Once we have traversed through the layers of the trunk and then the leaves, we begin again at the base of the roots and traverse up thru the layers of the roots, or the 9 layers of the underworld.

According to the Maya, for the past 20 years we have been the seedling bursting through the earth from part of the last layer of the underworld. In order to push through the dirt to reach the sun, we necessarily had to create disruption in the earth around us. Just recently, with the end of the previous age, we have finally burst through and are now facing the sun.  We are now creating our strong trunk and leaves.

With this story we can see that whatever we choose to feed and water our tree, will ultimately determine the health and vitality of our tree as as we progress in the nine layers of the upper world.

Consider the feeding and watering of your tree.  What are you choosing each day? Each moment? What will make your tree thrive?