9 Days of Gratitude

9 Days of Gratitude, Day 1

Thank you for helping us celebrate our new space earlier this month! We love seeing all of the beautiful butterflies and creations you made at the Transformation Station! And thank you to all who have supported us along the way! We’d like to offer this as the beginning of 9 days of gratitude for all of you who sent us good energy and well wishes, or were able to be with us in person for our celebration on Saturday August 5th! Blessings of the Summer!

9 Days of Gratitude, Day 2

We hold you in our hearts in gratitude for your pursuit of authentic, vibrant health. And thank you for including us in that process. We also hold gratitude for the people through the ages who felt inspired and had the courage to learn how plants affect our health and passed the inspired knowledge forward to us today.

9 Days of Gratitude, Day 3

We hold gratitude for our colleagues, clients and students, for your vulnerability, strength and courage. You are inspiring. Thank you for sharing your obstacles with us and allowing us to hold the place for you to dig in and transform.

We hold gratitude for the ways in which our relationship with each of you provides growth to yourselves, and each of us. We are walking the path together.

9 Days of Gratitude, Day 4

We respect and honor duality, the shadow and the light. The night and the day, the sun and the moon. As we embrace the shadow side of ourselves we honor our full and whole self. As we learn to hold our darkness in the same and equal measure as our lightness, we are able to walk more deeply and congruently in harmony, with ourselves and in the world.
We are deeply grateful for each of you as we work with you and together toward lives of balance, peace and harmony. Thank you for entrusting us with a portion of your whole health journey.

9 Days of Gratitude, Day 5

Thank you for including us in your care of self. Self care is the cornerstone of any healing process. The quality and time we take to care for ourselves gives back exponentially to our bodies and souls. Thus, the more deeply we can participate in helping, supporting, enjoying, playing with and caring for our loved ones, and the more energy we have to enjoy all life has to offer.
We honor your care of self and are grateful to be included as a part of your whole health journey.

9 Days of Gratitude, Day 7

We are grateful for the gift of your presence in our lives. You are the reason we are able to do what we do in the world. Thank you for your trust and confidence. Blessings.

9 Days of Gratitude, Day 8

We are honor the 4 elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Air and how they manifest in all of us, connecting us to each other and all that is. Water is in every cell and tissue of our bodies, as well as every cell and tissue in all animal and vegetal life; Air is the exchange we have in our lungs that is part of our life force and which we share and exchange with other life, such as the trees who breath in our carbon dioxide and create oxygen in return for us to breathe; Earth upon whose back we walk, which is a part of us from every food we eat and from which we come and will return; Fire which manifests in our desire, drive and also creates our warmth, transforms our food and gives us light in the dark. Thank you to the elements that create and form each of us in unique ways, thank you for the blessings you offer us each and every day.

9 Days of Gratitude, Day 9

We honor Mother Earth, Tonantzin, for her nourishment, and for helping us to feel grounded. And for filling us with clarity and peace from which to live our joy on her abundant planet.