Constellations / IoPT

Family Constellations, specifically IoPT, is a powerful, embodied method for healing root causes of persistent symptoms and core patterns of psychological suffering. This deeply moving, somatic work helps uncover and heal ancestral (epi-genetic) trauma and the pre-cognitive attachment trauma that is so common in modern times. The client's sentence of intention is used to safely allow access to the amount of healing available to the client at any given time. This is landmark work that helps leave behind deep, old patterns and opens the door to new levels of living.

"Constellation work is a very intense experience that needs a very special facilitator to help a client work through whatever it is that is blocking them. Loey is that person. She is warm, compassionate, unbiased and makes her clients feel safe. If you have never done constellation work, it is an extremely moving experience and I am extremely grateful that I found Loey to help me through my journey. Deep gratitude and thankfulness for having such a gifted practitioner with such depth and experience right here in our very own Minneapolis community. A gem to the alternative health community." - K.P 

Loey has used the Family Constellations method in Spain where it is very widespread, and in individual sessions. She has trained in Constellations of the Intention/The Intention Method with Jamie Kirdain, student of both Ruppert and Hellinger. She facilitates "Trauma Constellations" or "Constellations of the Intention" in individual sessions. Click the link below to read more information on Constellations/IoPT.

Appointments available with Loyola (Loey) Colebeck.