Donyelle Headington

Get to know Donyelle

What classes do you assist with?

Cupping 1 and 2

What classes have you taken from Kim?

I started taking classes in 2017. I have taken cupping 1 and 2, foundations 1, and Soul retrieval with Flower Essences.

What brought you to this work?

I came to this work seeking healing for myself and my community.

What do you enjoy most about assisting with HART Method classes?

I enjoy supporting new learners and refreshing my knowledge of cupping.

What other modalities do you practice?

Ancestor Specialist including intuitive mediumship, dream work and interpretation, journeywork, loving touch, rootwork, sacred listening and listening/healing circle facilitation. I also lead workshops using craft as healing.

When Kim makes you dance, what is your favorite song to dance to?

 “Is this Love” Bob Marley

What other education do you have?

I have been studying cultural healing practices and community engagement with the Elders at the Cultural Wellness Center since 2004.

I completed a two year apprenticeship to the Volva Stav Guild in 2018. In this time, I studied one branch of the Germanic Wisewoman path. I am now a member of the VSG and practice the “Frigg’s Hand” method of boundary setting, Norse/Germanic based journeywork and healing ritual, and Germanic cultural study focused around undoing and healing whiteness. I also belong to a Ille and study under a Lucumi Priest (Babalawo)