What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a mild state of relaxation. When we are relaxed and experiencing the brain-wave state which occurs naturally, just before we would automatically fall asleep, we then can allow information to move past the conscious mind and enter or exit the subconscious. We can shift the negative habits, beliefs and memories that prevent us from living life to its fullest.

Through hypnosis, the root of a problem can be identified and the negative programming associated with that issue can be replaced with positive ideas, thoughts and suggestions; things you choose, clearing the way for dramatic life changes. It is a safe and effective process with benefits that can last a lifetime.

The Mind/Body Connection

How important is the mind in promoting good health and well-being? People readily accept that the mind can cause psychosomatic illnesses. People also accept that mental stress can cause physical ailments. High blood pressure, headaches, back spasms, skin rashes are just a few examples of physical afflictions that are accepted as a result of, or highly influenced by, mental or emotional stress.

So, the question is: if the mind can create ailments or illnesses, can the mind also heal or reverse, or influence these ailments, issues or challenges that we are experiencing? Or better yet, can we prevent these unhealthy situations from occurring altogether? In other words, if the mind can cause or create health problems, can we also use the mind to heal ourselves and shift that which is a challenge? That is the focus of hypnotherapy: to create a healthy relationship between the mental, emotional, and physical.

If we can free our minds from unresolved emotional issues, from excessive mental stress, from irrational fears, from other burdens that take away from our mental and emotional well-being, then we can heal our physical bodies. In other words, heal the mind and emotions and you can heal the body.

We can utilize the techniques of hypnotherapy to enhance our health, relieve anxiety, enhance fertility and influence many other issues and challenges that affect our well-being.

What is included in a session?

A session usually will begin with discussion of your therapeutic goals and your medical history. Once we start the hypnosis, most people experience a sense of deep relaxation. You will be aware and present the entire session. After the session, we give you exercises to practice at home to enhance your progress. Most people report a feeling of being lighter and more positive after each session.

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