Tanya Johnson

Get to know Tanya

What classes do you assist with?

Heal the Spirit, Cupping Level 1, Cupping Level 2.

What are you learning now?

I am currently attending massage school!

What brought you to this work?

I wanted a deeper connection to my cultural practices.

What do you enjoy most about assisting with HART Method classes?

Learning new aspects of healing, watching all of the students grow and learn new ways of working through healing.

How long have you been practicing this medicine?

Since 2016

When Kim makes you dance, what is your favorite song to dance to?

Dancing Queen

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Through this work, I have found pain relief for my severe back injury. I also gained tools to help work through deep emotional issues and trauma. Once I experienced this, I felt a deep drive to continue to learn, so that I can share this knowledge with my community.

What other modalities do you practice?

Traditional Healing (Curanderismo)

What classes have you taken from Kim?

Foundations of Traditional Healing (9 month), Cupping level 1, Cupping level 2, Foundations (Level 1) H.A.R.T. Method,  Flower Essence for Soul Retrieval