Herbal Consultations

Our bodies recognize natural, whole plants very readily and quickly for medicines as well as foods. We offer these wild-crafted herbs that are indigeous to Minnesota and special herbs from the Rainforest. These herbs are deep healing tools for many situations and issues. Support from herbs is available in many forms: teas, tinctures, massage oils, soaps, bathing salts or bath teas.

History records the use of Herbs as medicine from at least 60,000 years ago. Humans have needed support and help for healing acute illness, injuries, skin rashes, digestive, reproductive problems and many more since we first came to exist on the planet. One theory of how humans learned to work with herbs for health is initially by watching the animals and what they ate when they were not well. Over the centuries, herbs and human uses of them became more and more understood and effective as many cultures shared their herbal and healing knowledge as they traveled and met other cultures, peoples and communities.

Today Herbs can effectively be used to support health in many of the same ways. Herbs in their natural, whole plant form (unlike herbal supplements which are extractions of the “active” part of the plant) have their entire balancing properties, and thus are often more effective and safe with far less side effects. Herbs as supplements are also effective and useful in different ways, and are used (similar to pharmaceuticals) to make a measurable chemical change or shift.

Herbs and natural healing methods were the only medicine humans had until the shift from herbs in the 1800’s when the first official aspirin was made from a derivative of Willow Bark. Later in the early 1900’s insulin was isolated and was used to treat diabetics, and then penicillin was discovered in 1938 and made from a particular mold on bread…. and saved countless lives in World War II….and beyond.

Herbs continue to be a powerful natural way to help our bodies find the balance and harmony our ancestors were so connected to. Herbs can support many issues and challenges physically and emotionally. They can be utilized with many other treatments and therapies.

We offer many options for herbal support, let us know what your needs might be, and we can direct you. *If you are taking medications, please advise your herbalist so they can help you avoid any contraindications.

Appointments available with Kimberly S. Hart