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Celebrating 30 Years of Practice

When I started as a massage therapist in 1993, I had no idea how my life would unfold. It has been an amazing journey of wonderful, hard and beautiful experiences. Who knew I would have the privilege and honor to work with so many Traditional Healers, learn Traditional Medicine Ways and also broaden my practice with Herbs, Nutrition, Flower Essences, Cupping, Classical Homeopathy and so much more.

It has been an honor and my pleasure to continue to provide you with exceptional treatments, care, and classes over the past 30 years. I am so grateful and truly honored and inspired by your trust in me, your loyalty to my practice and commitment to your own health and healing. 

Even after 30 years, it amazes me how much there is to learn in natural, holistic and traditional ways. I am always looking to help and support you in deeper ways with your healing journey. This includes every client I work with individually, anyone who participates in one of my classes, and anyone that taken the healing herbs and remedies I make in their various forms.

I welcome your comments, stories and testimonials, I would love to hear your experience of our time working together! If you do send them, please let me know if we can post them on our website, or other social media, or if you prefer it to be private. I cherish our work together and would love to hear your experience. Thank you for sharing your words, trust, and heart with me during this incredible 30 years.


Support Others in Receiving Care

 Since I began my practice in 1993 I have consistently served folks from all walks of life and all types of communities. I have donated my time and expertise by offering treatments at a sliding fee and personally offered scholarships to many of my students in my classes regularly. At the request of community, I have offered private classes to help communities that would not otherwise have access to this kind of education, so that they can heal their communities more deeply. Through classes, treatments, and with many different groups, organizations (such as Pathways and Centro Tyrone Guzman and others), and of course individuals... I have donated my time, professional understanding and expertise to help others who would not have access otherwise.

I consider this a privilege and a "give back" or "Give Away" to community, to support healing of many; and to "spread the Medicine" as my Teacher Rita Navarrete says.

It has been my experience that working with people from many backgrounds and histories has made me a better practitioner and that the diversity of my professional experience benefits everyone I work with. I truly believe in the power of this work and I see the positive effects of it every day. I also see the positive impact that access to regular care has; and it has the ability to greatly improve a person's quality of life on many levels. 

This is work I will continue to do. And I am only one person.....I was told recently that folks who have the means often would like to contribute financially to support community and individual health and healing, but often do not know where or how to do so. So we have created new ways for this to happen!

If you have been impacted by my treatments, classes, and if supporting others to help them receive this type of care aligns with your values and ability ....and you’d like to contribute, you are invited to pay it forward at the links below.

Paying it forward will add to a fund to create more access to these same treatments and classes for many who would not otherwise have the resources for regular care. This will support in making this work more sustainable and allow me to provide care for more people. Any amount of support is appreciated and will be put to good use!

Pay it Forward for Treatments and Care with Kim: DONATE HERE

This creates more sustainability in my work with others. Specifically BIPOC and economically challenged folks. You can either just round up when paying for a treatment with me or you can go to this link to give someone else support on their journey in healing.

By contributing to either of the above, this allows more people to receive treatments or take classes while also making my work and that of Traditional Healers more sustainable. Being in practice, the way I work, for 30 years is unusual. Most of my contemporaries have retired (at about 20 to 25 years of practice).

I love what I do so much, and am honored to have been able to bring the traditional medicine ways to our community. I hope and plan to continue to work with you for years to come!

Again, THANK YOU!!!! for an Amazing 30 years!!!

Love, Peace and Blessings,

Kim Hart