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Adagio Holistic Therapies, LLC was Founded in 1993 by Kimberly S. Hart, while locations have changed over the years, we have found the current home for our robust practitioner community near Lyndale Avenue in Minneapolis.

We are a holistic practice. At Adagio, this means consistently practicing the art and science of treating the whole individual. Whether you are receiving a treatment for acute or chronic pain or other health issues, an herbal, nutrition or lifestyle consultation, homeopathy session or simply discussing your health goals, your situation and patterns are unique meaning that reaching your goals will be as well.

Through out the years our clients report a consistent experience. We offer a respectful, peaceful and balanced environment for all who enter our door. Our practice has been built with quality treatments, great relationships and integrity. We invite you to experience the difference that vibrant health and well-being will make in your everyday life. Adagio professionals assist clients effectively toward their goals in the present; respecting the past, with an eye to the future.

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Adagio Holistic Therapies, LLC

Are you a dedicated holistic practitioner seeking an inspiring environment to nurture your growing and thriving business? Look no further! At Adagio Holistic Therapies, LLC, we're excited to invite practitioners like you to become an integral part of our supportive community.

When I started as a massage therapist in 1993, I had no idea how my life would unfold. It has been an amazing journey of wonderful, hard and beautiful experiences. Who knew I would have the privilege and honor to work with so many Traditional Healers, learn Traditional Medicine Ways and also broaden my practice with Herbs, Nutrition, Flower Essences, Cupping, Classical Homeopathy and so much more.