Changing Patterns, Enhancing Health, Creating Vibrant Life

Who is Kimberly?

Kimberly S. Hart

NCBTMB, NGH, Minister, Classical Homeopath

Kimberly has always had a passion for Natural Health and Indigenous Healing Methods. She has been actively practicing in holistic health since 1993 when she founded Adagio Holistic Therapies, LLC. Through personal and professional experience she has integrated and formed a unique method of working with clients and students. Kimberly employs Indigenous philosophy and techniques taught to her by the Elders of Central America as well as Western and Eastern traditions.

When treating clients, Kimberly works with each individual’s natural and innate healing ability; aiding in the release of old, difficult or painful patterns, thus reaching a more harmonious and naturally vibrant balance. As in Indigenous tradition, she assesses all of an individuals’ aspects which may contribute to their current challenges. This may include spiritual, emotional, physical, environmental and nutritional.

Kimberly continues to have great success with clients in her practice and additionally teaches health enhancing modalities for fertility enhancement, pre— and post natal challenges, prostate issues, menstruation challenges, bladder conditions, digestive issues, muscle and joint pain, immune boosting, anxiety, headaches, and reproductive health as well as spiritual direction, emotional conditions, lifestyle assessment, cultural intelligence and coaching. Many of these challenges may be woven together and can create a more complete picture of the individual.

In her practice and classes, Kimberly may utilize hands on therapies such as: Cupping, Moxabustion, Gua Sha, CranioSacral, and Maya Abdominal Therapy. Or she may focus with more spiritual/emotional/chemical therapies such as: Limpias, Hypnosis, Nutritional and Herbal support, Flower Essences, Indigenous Spiritual Healing methods, Lifestyle Assessment and Coaching.

Kimberly has traveled, lived and studied in Central America with elders of the Maya, Aztec, and others since 1997. She has been studying with Rita Navarette of Mexico in the Medicine of the Temazcal. To honor her Maestros (teachers) she wishes to mention them with gratitude, some of whom (but not all) have passed on to the next world: Miss Hortense Robinson, Beatrice Waight, Elena Avila, Maria Galina, Dr Rosita Arvigo, Miss Juana Shish, Lise Wolfe, Matthew Wood, Julia Graves, Liz Koch, Dr Tieraona Low Dog, Don Mei, Martin Prechtel, Mr Harry Guy, Rita Navarrete Perez, Toñita Gonzales and Laurencio Nunez.

Kimberly is an Classical Homeopath, Ordained Minister, Certified Hypnotherapist, Herbalist, Maya Medicine Practitioner; Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB). With more than 23 years in practice she has developed the H.A.R.T. Method: Holistic Abdominal Relief Therapy—Beyond Maya Abdominal Therapy. Kimberly leads travel excursions in Belize and other locations in Central America as well as treating clients, speaking and teaching on a variety of topics in holistic health, holistic business and Indigenous healing. While her home base is in Minnesota, she teaches across the United States, Central America and many other locations.


Kim teaches a variety of classes in different formats ranging from travel learning to Belize, in person classes locally, to Flower Essence and herbal classes available via Zoom or on demand. Check out the available class categories: