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Ancient Traditional Spiritual Healing

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There are many ways we can walk the path of healing our spirits. For each person this is a sacred and individual experience. When we are ready or in need of assistance this process brings a sense of relief, usually lightness and even at times a new sense of clarity and direction.

Historically every culture in our world has roots in a method of spiritual healing. We have been taught by elders of the Maya, Aztec, Otomi, and Nahuatl which have over 5000 years of tradition to aid in this process of healing.

Traditional Spiritual Healing or Cleansing is also called Curanderismo in Central America. The Root of word Curar means “to heal” and is an ancient method of helping people when they are experiencing excess grief, anger, envy, sadness, or even what we might now call PTSD. 

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Curanderismo, according to Maestra Elena Avila, (also See her book “Woman who Glows in the Dark”) is a result of the combination of three cultures which came together in Central America due to colonization. These cultures are Traditional African Healing, Indigenous First Nations Peoples of what is now known as Central America, and the Spanish. As these three cultures were thrown together during colonization, over time the healers shared their ancient medicinal ways. Resulting in the traditional medicine of Central America now known as Curanderismo.

The tools we use are simple and effective. A traditional spiritual healing session in Curanderismo is called a Limpia, which literally means “ to Clean”. A Limpia will usually begin with a Platica.  This is a “heart to heart talk” during which much of the healing is already begun. 

In the Maya tradition we may use Spiritual Bathing, which includes herbs and flowers, copal incense, and prayer. From our Teachers (Maestros) in Mexico we may do a traditional Limpia also using flowers, rosemary, the traditional egg, feather and prayer. 

There are many ways to approach our spirit to aid in recovering a sense of peace of mind, purpose, or release. We will co-create your experience with respect and inclusion of your faith and beliefs in a way that is supportive of your therapeutic goals.


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