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What are flower essences and how do they work?

a blue morpho butterfly sits open winged on a yellow hibiscus flower

Flowers hold the reproductive code for an entire new plant to be grown. Thus, carrying the medicinal information of that plant within their beautiful petals. The history of using flowers to heal emotional imbalances extends back thousands of years. Every culture had a version of bathing with plants, usually flowers, for their emotional and spiritual healing, including removing heavy, dark energies.


There are documentations of flowers being used for healing on papyrus scripts in Ancient Egypt. Indigenous Australians also recognized their healing qualities and would use them as part of healing ceremonies. The ancient Maya used flowers in spiritual bathing for emotional, spiritual and physical illnesses of all kinds. A first European recorded use of flower essences was by abbess Hildegard von Bingen in the twelfth century, who would place muslin sheets over flowers at night to absorb their dew, which would then be collected in the morning, rung out, and used to treat people with emotional issues.
In the 1930’s British Physician and Homeopath, Edward Bach searched for an even more gentle way to practice medicine. He began studying flowers infused by sunlight or gentle heating in water, By the time of his death he had created and documented clinical uses for 38 flower essences as medicine. He is considered the “grandfather” of the modern uses of flower essences that we know today. We now have untold numbers of flower essences being worked with in our global community for health of body, mind, and spirit.

How are Flower Essences made?

Unlike essential oils or herbal extracts that contain the physical substances and volatile oils extracted from many parts of plants, there is no physical part of the flower left in a flower essence; no scent and no measurable material according to our current scientific abilities. Instead, they are energetic in nature, are made only from the flower, and work in similar principles to Homeopathy, in which the life-force and vibrational signature of the plant is imprinted within a water-based matrix. This is achieved through sun-steeping the flowers in water for a period of time. The water is then collected, strained and potentized through dilution only. 

How do flower essences work?

Flower essences are based on vibrational energetics, rather than biochemical, and stimulate the body’s natural capacity to bring itself back to balance and harmony. All plants carry vibrational energy patterns, and it is said that flowers are the pinnacle of this energy. Flower essences are very safe and may be used by everyone, including children and animals, and can be used internally and externally. They can affect the body, release emotion, reconnect to the soul and support the creation of deeper vitality in extremely gentle and non-invasive ways.



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