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What is cupping and how does it work?

What is cupping?

a round glass cup being held by a hand and a flaming cotton ball used to place heat in the cup.

Cupping, or ventosas, is an ancient art, practiced by virtually every culture in the world at one time. Every family used to be able to treat a variety of simple ailments and injuries with just a few basic tools. Asian, Ancient European and Central American styles of cupping may be used separately or combined for a very elegant treatment. Cupping treatments maybe be used to support the health of numerous body systems: uterus, urinary, digestive, kidney issues, musculoskeletal  issues and injuries, or simply to alleviate pain.

How does cupping work?

Cupping may relieve symptoms by moving old deoxygenated blood and metabolic waste out of the tissues, allowing for fresh, nutritious, oxygenated blood to move into the tissue. It also stretches the muscle fibers, and separates the facial/connective tissues from the muscle so they are moving independently, allowing them to be more flexible and strong as a result.