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B'alam Cleansing Spray Concentrate

    B'alam Cleansing Spray Concentrate

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      Invoke the powerful energy of the jaguar with B'alam Cleansing Spray Concentrate! Our proprietary blend of alcohol and essential oils is antiviral, antimicrobial and antibacterial - perfect for cutting through heavy energy plus freshening up the air and sanitizing surfaces.

      Bring the clearing and powerful energy of the jaguar into your clearing ritual! The B'alam clearing spray is a proprietary blend created in a base of alcohol with essential oils that are proven to be anti-viral, antri-microbial, anti-bacterial. Good for clearing heavy energy as well as general air freshening, and surface cleaning. It's the perfect multitasking cleanser that helps clear physical and energetic clutter; the perfect dynamic duo for keeping your space sparkling and your energy aligned! (Plus, it smells amazing!)