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Breast & Belly Massage Oil

    Breast & Belly Massage Oil

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      This specially formulated massage oil supports breast and belly tissue and awakens the lymph system is made with all organic ingredients and is handcrafted in small batches.

      This oil combines the power of historically-used ingredients to promote the softening of tissue, help move lymph, and balance tension and relaxation. It's also known for uplifting the spirit, making it a perfect choice for those seeking both physical and emotional support.

      Made with a proprietary blend of herbs and infused into nourishing grapeseed oil, this massage oil is perfect for anyone looking to support their lymph system and promote overall wellness. With its convenient liquid pump bottle or solid coconut oil form, it's easy to apply and take with you wherever you go. Experience the benefits of all-organic, handcrafted goodness with our supportive Breast & Belly massage oil.

      Ingredients: Proprietary formula in grapeseed oil.