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Minnesota Retreat with Maestro Laurencio Nuñez

Unplug, Rejuvenate, and Connect: Sacred Journey with Maestro Laurencio Nuñez in Minnesota

In these tumultuous times, self-care becomes paramount, enabling us to extend care and compassion to others. This week-long retreat will be a dedicated sanctuary for nurturing your well-being, empowering you with invaluable tools for self-care and self-discovery as we learn with Maestro Laurencio Nuñez.

Sunday, September 10 through Friday, September 15

Located at a retreat center an hour from the Twin Cities Metro area

 Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to embark on a transformative journey. Limited spots are available, so secure your spot today and embrace a week filled with rejuvenation, cultural immersion, and profound personal self-care.

Who is Maestro Laurencio Nuñez?

Laurencio Núñez, is a curandero from Oaxaca, Mexico. Kim has spent significant time traveling and learning from him as a trusted Elder in this living medicine ( to the right Kim and Laurencio are pictured together in the Mexican mountains). Maestro Laurencio is considered a “master curandero” or healer in both Mexico and the US. As a master ethno-botanist, he works in Zapotec communities in Oaxaca teaching permaculture and creating sustainable communities incorporating health, nutrition, and traditional medicine. In places where there is no running water, he creates healthy communities and healthy soil, by empowering people with the skills and knowledge to build and use composting toilets. He leads Zapotec ceremonies and rituals related to the growing cycle and shares the wisdom of his ancestors about how to plant, nurture and harvest plants with reverence and respect for the essence of the plant’s energy. As an author of a book on medicinal plants, he teaches on a wide variety of subjects including curanderismo, herbs, and permaculture. He does individual consultations to return a person to their state of harmony and balance with herbs, massage, acupuncture, and traditional Oaxacan limpias. For the past ten years, he has taught traditional medicine at Univ. of New Mexico in Albuquerque.

Maestro Laurencio shared that he plans to retire from teaching at the end of the year to focus on writing to ensure the longevity of this potent and important medicine for the world. This makes this a unique and special opportunity to learn directly from him.


The Transformational Content

This retreat is bi-lingual. Maestro Laurencio will be speaking in Spanish and there will be an interpreter who has frequently studied with Maestro Laurencio assisting with translation.

During our time together there will be opportunities to receive a limpia with Maestro. We will have both a Native Inipi as well as a Temazcal during this retreat so you will be able to experience both forms of “sweat lodge”, as well as a Cacao ceremony.

Maestro will also introduce traditional ways of Diagnosing: face reading, eye reading, pulse reading and more…we will have the opportunity to practice these ways with ourselves and others.

Additionally, we will have time for community building with opportunities for campfires, singing, and dancing together as we enjoy the wonderful Minnesota wilderness.


The Details and How to Register

Retreat Package is $1,530
This includes your room and 3 meals a day. All funds are going directly to Maestro Laurencio for his teaching and to cover room and board at the retreat center.

To register send an email to

Transportation to the retreat center will be on your own. For those interested, we plan to caravan from Minneapolis to the retreat center on Sunday, September 10.

The accommodations have indoor plumbing and the bathrooms are shared. Additionally, sleeping arrangements are also shared. If you require a private sleeping arrangement, please indicate that in your email, and we will share the options that are available for you. There may be an additional cost associated with this request.

Dietary Restrictions
The retreat center is able to accommodate most dietary restrictions.